First shipment for Cookies for Cancer! :)

I finally have our first shipment out this week in time for Mother’s Day.  I was hoping to have made more progress with the sales by now, but I cannot complain because of the people who have been so generous so far with my sister’s family.  I have also been so surprised with the people who have ordered cookies to help my sister and her family out.  Some of them have never met my brother-in-law, but have relatives who have been through cancer.  It is so touching to have strangers to my brother-in-law come forward to show their support.

Thank-you everyone so far who have donated to the cause!

For those who would still like to order cookies or make a donation, please message me and I will giver you the information you need.  Father’s Day is just around the corner!  I will take orders for Father’s Day up until June 7th and  I can include a personalized message for your father as well.




Cookies for Cancer – Progress

This has been a crazy month. After moving and traveling almost every weekend I can finally focus on the Cookies for Cancer.  I will be working on recipes this week and getting the pricing down.  The goal is to have everything ready to go next week for orders.  I will be selling the cookies until the end of June so please don’t wait when they go on sale.

Please keep checking the website and Facebook page for updates!

Cookies for Cancer – Coming Soon!

I know I have been neglecting my business, but it is for a good reason.  My hubby and I are moving and have been working on our house and packing.

Just recently I found out that my brother-in-law has cancer.  It is hodgkins lymphoma, which good news, has a high percentage of people overcoming this cancer. The downside to this is it has lost a lot of funding in regards to families who deal with it.  The result is they are left with bills that can hurt for many years to come.

My sister and her husband are very generous people.  They took me in when I moved back to the States from Finland to help me get back on my feet.  They are always serving their church, community and family because that is something they love to do. They are more than deserving of any help that will come their way.

The reason why I am doing cookies is because these are items that can be shipped so friends of mine who don’t live close by can order cookies.  All the profits will go to my sister and her family to help them with their bills.

So what can you do to help right now?  Email me any cookie recipes that you think are worthy to be sold to promote this cause.  You can even message me through my website.

Please feel free to share this!

Happy Thanksgiving! We Survived Piepocalypse 2012!

Yesterday was baking and delivery day for the pies.  We had everything ready for assembly and baking.  I was on less than 4 hours of sleep and starting at 6am I was ready to bake!

I started with the apple cranberry, baking 2 pies at a time. Things were going as smooth as they can when baking pies. It was looking like the day was turning out to be a perfect pie day without any hiccups. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Thoughts

My mom is always someone I can count on when it comes to excellent food and baking.  She has been helping me out with this years Thanksgiving pies.  It has been fun making crust with her and learning the tricks that she learned growing up.

We have been talking about her experiences with baking.  It really surprises me how Home Economics has changed over the years.  It has lost a lot of value in schools so there are a lot of schools that don’t even offer it.  Back when she was in Home Economics they would have people from “Pillsbury” and companies like that  teach their tricks of the trade.  She taught me some of them when it comes to pies and it has made me enjoy the whole pie process so much more than before.


The holidays are approaching fast!

I cannot believe that Halloween is next week.  It always feels like the rest of the year goes into fast forward.  We get to slow down on Thanksgiving day, but then the next day is Christmas.  During these fast moments it is nice to reflect on the true meaning of the Holidays.

Family time is another aspect of the Holidays that I think most everyone can appreciate.  When thinking about what pies to make for Thanksgiving or even what to make for Christmas I reflected on those warm feelings of love and family that the Holidays bring.  When thinking about Thanksgiving I wanted to add a twist to the traditional Thanksgiving pie.

Then for Christmas I want to go back to the feeling of receiving a hand made gift.  Those were the gifts that I loved the most because I knew a lot of thought went into making them. My hope is that people love them as much as I love making them.