I Can Can!

Anyone who is a parent has a down time when they will watch their favorite non kid friendly show or movie, surf the internet, or work on your favorite hobby. Well whatever it is, it is your time to do whatever you want.

People will tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps.  While that is great advice when you have one child, it is unrealistic for multiple children, at least in my case.  When I had one child, she was so difficult at night that I would let her sleep in and I would set my alarm to wake up before her to get things done and to have alone/down time.  Now that I have two my house is a disaster most of the time and if I want down time it is at night after the kids finally go to sleep.

What do I do with my down time? Shamefully one of the things I am faithful to is General Hospital.  Now I know this makes me sound like the cliche of what a stay at home mother does all day.  Two things to justify my soap addiction: 1. I watch it after the kids go to bed 2. My mother has watched it I almost think from when the soap started, which means I have been watching it ever since I was a kid minus the gap when I was working crazy hours and they did not have Hulu.  General Hospital makes me feel connected to my mother and to my childhood and therefore helps me be a better mother, which I really hope you are not buying this lame excuse for my soap addiction.  The truth is I enjoy allowing my brain to shut off during that hour.

Lately I have gotten into making jams and canning them.  I feel like I have gotten in a rut with cake flavors and am always looking for ways to expand.  Unexpectedly through a food club I am in charge of at church, I have discovered a new avenue to explore deeper.  I wanted to learn how to can so I thought what better way to learn it then teach it in the club, but in order to teach it I had to learn it, which meant I took a class.  One of the ladies at church found a book and let me borrow it for the class I would teach about canning jams.  The jams were on the track that I want part of my business to represent.  So now I am testing out jams in my down time about every other week (after GH of course).

I am really excited about the new flavors.  I have made 5 different jams.  One of them was a strawberry freezer jam that I used for a chocolate wedding cake with ganache and strawberry filling.  It was so good that my husband requested the cake for his birthday.   We made two in the food club; Strawberry Blueberry Freezer Jam and Peach Rosemary Jam.  Both were delicious, but I especially loved the peach and rosemary together.  The two I have made on my down time so far are Cardamom Plum, which tastes great with chocolate and Pineapple Sage, which will go well with a vanilla cake.  I am really excited to let people try these flavors and see if they love them as much as my family and I do.

Well my down time is coming to an end, Good night!

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The Reason Behind the Name

The restaurant business is a very tough business.  The stress was so intense at times that there were days when I would go home and cry just to release the stress.  There were days I would work on a couple hours of sleep or no sleep because I developed a sleeping disorder. It fooled me into thinking that if I could endure a tough job like that then motherhood may be somewhat of a cake walk.  I was wrong!!!  I overlooked that even though I can work on no sleep it is usually because I did not always have to talk to a person and when I did it was another adult.  Now I have to talk to children, which in my case is like talking to a wall.  I have learned a lot about my maturity and patience in this process, which is I have neither.

Like most parents I am obsessed with my children.  I love my children very much in the “cranky mom” kind of way and not in the “Pinterest” way. I don’t think I will ever win “Mother of the Year,” but sometimes I may get “Mother of the Hour.” I am also blessed to have married a man who will always be the “Father of the Year.”  He truly makes it easier to be a parent.

Back to the reason behind the name. I was going to name my business after myself since it is my business. Now back to my obsession with my children;  I thought my daughter’s name had a more catchy sound to it for a cake business than my own. Plus at the time she was my only child and the center of my world.  It honestly is not hard for her to be the center because she is the funniest child I know.  While I do think all kids are funny, she is exceptionally funny.

I have been thinking a lot about blogging and what to blog about.  I do not consistently do it on my website.  While I love food I don’t know if most of my blogs will be centered around food.  While food can be amazing on its own, it can also be about bringing a family together.  So I may blog on my food website more about my family. I honestly believe that if I tweeted things my daughter said on a daily basis I would have a huge following.  While I do have both Twitter and Pinterest accounts it is too much for me to be bothered with so I will stay with my website and hopefully be able to keep up a blog.


First shipment for Cookies for Cancer! :)

I finally have our first shipment out this week in time for Mother’s Day.  I was hoping to have made more progress with the sales by now, but I cannot complain because of the people who have been so generous so far with my sister’s family.  I have also been so surprised with the people who have ordered cookies to help my sister and her family out.  Some of them have never met my brother-in-law, but have relatives who have been through cancer.  It is so touching to have strangers to my brother-in-law come forward to show their support.

Thank-you everyone so far who have donated to the cause!

For those who would still like to order cookies or make a donation, please message me and I will giver you the information you need.  Father’s Day is just around the corner!  I will take orders for Father’s Day up until June 7th and  I can include a personalized message for your father as well.




Cookies for Cancer – Progress

This has been a crazy month. After moving and traveling almost every weekend I can finally focus on the Cookies for Cancer.  I will be working on recipes this week and getting the pricing down.  The goal is to have everything ready to go next week for orders.  I will be selling the cookies until the end of June so please don’t wait when they go on sale.

Please keep checking the website and Facebook page for updates!

Cookies for Cancer – Coming Soon!

I know I have been neglecting my business, but it is for a good reason.  My hubby and I are moving and have been working on our house and packing.

Just recently I found out that my brother-in-law has cancer.  It is hodgkins lymphoma, which good news, has a high percentage of people overcoming this cancer. The downside to this is it has lost a lot of funding in regards to families who deal with it.  The result is they are left with bills that can hurt for many years to come.

My sister and her husband are very generous people.  They took me in when I moved back to the States from Finland to help me get back on my feet.  They are always serving their church, community and family because that is something they love to do. They are more than deserving of any help that will come their way.

The reason why I am doing cookies is because these are items that can be shipped so friends of mine who don’t live close by can order cookies.  All the profits will go to my sister and her family to help them with their bills.

So what can you do to help right now?  Email me any cookie recipes that you think are worthy to be sold to promote this cause.  You can even message me through my website.

Please feel free to share this!

Happy Thanksgiving! We Survived Piepocalypse 2012!

Yesterday was baking and delivery day for the pies.  We had everything ready for assembly and baking.  I was on less than 4 hours of sleep and starting at 6am I was ready to bake!

I started with the apple cranberry, baking 2 pies at a time. Things were going as smooth as they can when baking pies. It was looking like the day was turning out to be a perfect pie day without any hiccups. Continue reading